Introducing millennials to the world of work

Attaining, maintaining and retaining talent are key business objectives – difficult to achieve in today’s changing digital world containing a growing transient workforce of internet and socially aware millennial mindsets.

Recently, we helped highlight such concerns through an ‘Achieving Work-ready Talent’ roundtable discussion at St. Joseph’s College in Reading, with representatives from academic, training, commercial, and professional fields.

It was intriguing to hear aspirational lifestyle ambitions of senior students, untainted by restrictive everyday business demands, unaware of future career opportunities.

Disappointing that austerity-era measures have reduced in-house training departments; yet heartening to learn of thriving apprenticeship schemes.

Encouraging that external recruitment and training firms, plus Thames Valley Berkshire LEP, are actively tackling the ‘mutual awareness’ gap between academia and the workplace.

Heart-warming that forward-thinking schools, like St. Joseph’s, are re-building relationships with employers, confronting their expectations by preparing students with core workplace skills.

And, that aware employers still actively provide work-experience opportunities (as we do) or support job fairs etc, so students can ‘learn how to work.’

Click here for the full roundtable report.

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