Audit and accounts


Audits can be far more useful to a business than is often expected, They can provide an invaluable insight and be a management tool for directors and owner-managed businesses.

Our auditing procedures are designed to comply with all relevant legislation and legal requirements, but also to ensure that you gain the most out of an audit by our Auditors. Our audits will highlight potential problems and business risks, and provide you with advice and information that is both useful and understandable.

For many businesses an audit is a legal requirement, based on the size and trading style of the company or organisation, whereas others require specialist audits to be performed.

Our experience of specialist audits includes:

  • solicitors
  • pension schemes
  • clubs and associations
  • FCA regulated businesses
  • charities
  • ABTA


Every business is required to complete accounts on an annual basis for tax and legal purposes. These accounts are used to calculate the amount of tax payable, based on profits and other forms of income, and may be required for filing at Companies House.

These accounts are also important from an individual’s perspective. Not only do they provide you with information about the profitability and stability of your business, they can also help when requesting finance, both personally and for the business.

We can help make sure that accounts are prepared in the correct format to comply with regulatory requirements and prepared in good time to meet relevant deadlines. In preparing your accounts we will highlight potential problems and provide advice to help improve business performance.