Don’t read this unless you earn more than £100,000

You don't have to pay this much.

Quite legally, and risk-free, you can put any earnings above £100,000 into a pension fund – and could end up by receiving more each year in retirement than the cash cost of your pension contributions.

Basically, the way to pay your UK citizen's dues to the HMRC, and still come out smiling is:

  • Invest earnings over £100,0000 into your personal pension
  • Tax relief on pension contributions will work in your favour and you will not lose out on your tax-free personal income allowance
  • Keep doing this for the next ten years or so and those extra pension contributions will have recorded investment growth
  • Savers aged 55 or over can withdraw a quarter of their pension fund as tax-free cash
  • It's estimated, the resulting pension annuity would provide an annual income ­– for life – of more than the effective cost of making the original contributions.

And would similar schemes help those earning more than £150,000?

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