Free advice for small businesses

Vale & West was actually among the first accountancy firms in Berkshire to sign up with the ICAEW's scheme, which aims to provide small companies and start-ups with greater business and financial advice to assist their economic growth.

We provide an initial consultation at no charge to SMEs and start-ups, on the full range of their business issues.

Vale & West quickly supported the ICAEW initiative when it launched the BAS scheme to help fill the significant 'advice gap' for SMEs left by the government's austerity-led decision to close support services such as Business Link.

“We recognize that our regional SMEs are engines of growth for the national economy and already work extensively with SMEs, providing them with our best professional advice to help them succeed,” explained managing partner Jason Pyke.

“In fact, not only are we offering our initial advice for free, but it is more than likely that we can help most SME clients to become more efficient and save on their underlying costs,” he added.

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