Well begun is half done . . . with expert help

Many entrepreneurial people aiming to start a business have a good commercial proposition and the desire and commitment to see it through. Often though they are not experts in the legal and financial aspects of running a business.

Fortunately, innovative, diligent and ambitious people don't need to be experts in these fields to succeed in business. That's where professional knowledge and experience from our Vale & West team can come to their aid. We are happy to offer our start-up expertise to such fledgling businesses.

Just bring us your business dream and we'll help you to make it a reality!

We will help you:

  • Get the business structure right – for you, your team, and your business associates – to avoid unnecessary costs and complications later.
  • Create a documented business plan that you and your investors, banks and stakeholders understand. Clarity will add credibility to your idea.
  • Taxes are a certainty – there are no business exceptions. Understand how and when your business taxes are payable.
  • Know your numbers.  Good bookkeeping and financial awareness of your business are critical to success.

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